Being Set Up to Fail

All diets have a common thread that preordains an eventual outcome: the inability to manage and maintain weight loss. The dieting industry fails to prepare dieters to adapt and adjust to ever-changing temptations and situations. With virtually all weight-loss programs and methods, there will come a point when you will have to face an imminent, unplanned eating event that represents nonadherence to the diet and typically starts the downward trajectory toward an unrecoverable relapse. Such […]

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The Incurable Addiction: Food

An Incurable Addiction: Food - blog post by Weight Management Expert Dr. Deena Solomon

The Incurable Addiction: Food

The search box in Wikipedia brought up this article after the word addiction was typed in. Replace the word Food instead of Opioid and/or drug in the following discussion.

Opioid dependence

From Wikipedia.

Opioid dependency is a […]