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Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, Weight Management Expert, Author, Speaker

Deena Solomon PhD, MFT, Weight Management Expert, Weight Loss Expert and Author of Immaculate ConsumptionImmaculate Consumption, written by weight management expert Deena Solomon, PhD, MFT, to help people lose weight and keep it off, succeeding where diets fail.Deena Solomon, PhD, MFT is a weight management expert and author of the book, Immaculate Consumption: The Path to Lifelong Weight Management. As a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist who holds a special certification in behavioral medicine, she has helped hundreds of clients to lose weight and keep it off for decades. She lost 70 lbs. herself and has maintained that weight loss since 1980.

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Motivated to explore behavioral change to address the weight issues she had experienced as a child and young adult, Dr. Solomon earned her M.S. in Counseling Psychology in 1983 from California State University Los Angeles in 1983 and was awarded a Doctorate in Psychology in 1991 from the California Graduate Institute (now named the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles). She subsequently continued her post-doctoral studies for three years and earned her Behavioral Medicine Certification in 1994. From 1993 to 2001, Dr. Solomon sat on the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners for the State of California and served as an expert examiner and member of the Committee to Revise MFCC Oral Exam. Her recommendations to standardize the oral examination testing were adopted by the Committee and implemented by the Board.

Deena Solomon at 220 lbs. and Now 70 lbs. LighterCovering topics ranging from Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques for Permanent Habit Formations to Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety Reduction, to How to Manage Overconsumption Around Holidays, Dr. Solomon has been a guest lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles, Radar Institute and Ryokan College. She served as an adjunct professor at Antioch University covering Cognitive/Behavioral Techniques in the Therapeutic Setting, Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Contemporary Themes and Preparation classes for the Oral Examination of MFCC candidates.

Deena Solomon with her husband Paul, skiingDr. Solomon has worked as a clinician in the field of weight loss and weight loss management for more than three decades and has developed a proprietary scientifically based and scientifically proven methodology for helping disheartened dieters attain and maintain their weight reduction goals. It is this methodology that she shares in her book, through workshops and as a speaker. She lives in Southern California with her husband Paul, where she enjoys skiing and long walks on the beach.[/read]


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New Book by Dr. Deena Solomon Helps Struggling Dieters Overcome Past Failures with Long-Term Weight Management and Weight Loss

Empirical Study Techniques Taught in Immaculate Consumption: The Path to Lifelong Weight Management Lead to Greater Self-Observation, Self-Awareness, and Disciplined Self-Management

Los Angeles–What if a diet allows you to maintain a relationship with your favorite foods, doesn’t make you crave specific items, and doesn’t make you feel hungry all the time? These are a few considerations cognitive behavioral psychotherapist and weight management expert Deena Solomon, PhD, MFT, presents to dieters when explaining why most traditional diets fail and how dieters feel pressured and guilt-ridden, leading to relapses and, ultimately, abandonment of dieting regimes.

“Most diets work if you have the ability to stay on them…the problem is that most people cannot,” says Dr. Solomon, a firm advocate against gastric bypass and lap-band surgeries, diet pills, and restrictive diets. Rather than impose a diet that distances them from beloved foods, Dr. Solomon puts dieters in the captain’s seat, allowing them to eat what they want, when they want, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, which is the subject of her new book Immaculate Consumption: The Path to Lifelong Weight Management (Wheatmark, Inc., Tucson, AZ, ISBN: 978-1-627-483-3, Paperback: $19.95, ISBN: 978-1-627- 483-0, Kindle: $9.99).

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The book introduces a self-study method (ICP) that teaches self-awareness, self-management and discipline via scientific documentation of what they eat before they eat, helping to remove emotions associated with eating, especially for those who previously failed at weight management.

Her scientifically-based weight loss program is based on decades of research and personal experience, and forms the foundation of her own 70-lb. weight loss which she has successfully maintained since 1980, and the equally impressive results she has achieved with hundreds of patients.

With an 84% success rate, compared with the approximately 5% success rate of most diets, Solomon’s method is focused on real-life techniques for lifelong weight management. The ICP teaches you how to:

  • take charge of your own weight loss or weight management journey;
  • use scientific methods to develop your own custom weight loss plan;
  • profoundly change your relationship with food;
  • plan for, and recover from, regressions;
  • and shed the persistent shame and guilt from having “failed” at other diets.

“There are millions of defeated dieters. I was one of them — a fat girl from the Bronx who grew up to be a fat woman in L.A. I suffered countless excruciating trials, tribulations, and humiliations,” says Solomon. “Through pure chance I had the good fortune to discover a brilliant mentor in graduate school and, under his guidance created this program. Using its precepts I was able to keep 70 pounds off for over three decades. Taking a scientific approach to dieting that also addresses the emotional connections we have with food is the key to successful lifelong weight management. Removing the shame and guilt and feelings of failure is an integral part of the ICP.”

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